Civil Design

Urban Engineers, Inc. assists architects, land developers, and public agencies with a full suite of site development services throughout the greater Atlanta region. We utilize in-house professionals to support the planning and development of industrial facilities, commercial properties, residential communities, and public facilities. Our expertise and portfolio over the past half century spans projects both large, such as commercial centers, and small, such as parking lot expansions. We provide the following engineering services:

Site Master Planning

  • Feasibility and land valuation studies
  • Site master planning
  • Zoning and plan approval from government agencies
  • Preliminary construction cost-budgeting

Civil Design and Construction Services

  • Site design, engineering, and construction planning
  • Site construction and cost estimating
  • LEED design and documentation
  • Construction documents, specifications, and bid processing
  • Construction management
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Wetlands delineation and mitigation

What Our Customers and the Atlanta Community Receive

The community benefits from our extensive services with infrastructure, facilities, and economic development projects that contribute to the growth of Atlanta. Our project management expertise results in:

  • Value-engineering to design the most cost-effective construction solution
  • Environmentally conscious design and implementation
  • Efficiency in the planning and permitting process
  • Plans and designs based on current regulations and requirements
  • Efficient communication and coordinated management with all partners and contractors to ensure on-time and on-budget projects

Company News

John Deere Warehouse Facility

A new John Deere facility, located in a 41-acre tract of land in Columbia County, Georgia, will be a 525,000 square-foot warehouse building with a multitude of docks for tractor-trailers. The facility will be fully functional for all John Deere distribution requirements.

The District at Howell Mill

When Selig Enterprises was developing a design team to change the landscape of Berkley Park in the City of Atlanta for a new mixed-use development, they chose Urban Engineers, Inc. The site was deemed a challenge, evidenced by a previously failed concept for a Home Depot facility by the affected neighborhood association. The mixed-use concept that Selig proposed helped to ease concerns that the neighborhood association initially held by facilitating pedestrian access;  reducing vehicular flow; and, enhancing protection of the existing vegetation on this urban site.

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The District at Howell Mill

Union Station Business Center

Union Station Business Center, an 80-acre development previously known as Shannon Mall, is located in the city of Union City, Georgia

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Union Station Business Center