The IBM Call Center located in Highlands Park, Smyrna, Georgia, is a project that Urban Engineers, Inc. developed from its inception through the completion of the facility. The original work on the project included developing a raw land survey for the parcel of land, as well as a field-run topographic map. As the engineer of record for Highlands Business Park, Urban Engineers, Inc. was well-versed with the city’s regulations to facilitate development of the land. The project involved cooperation with a design team in due-diligence and conceptual work; and, with their assistance, Urban Engineers, Inc. designed full construction documents, as well as enhanced redundancy systems to eliminate any potential down-time at this National Call Center. The project had approx 1/4-million cubic yards of dirt movement, which included approx. 30 thousand cubic yards of rock. The mass grading, and rock removal, assisted by the Urban Engineers, Inc.’s construction layout team, took just over a month to complete. The project opened in accordance with IBM’s requirements, under budget, and meeting all jurisdiction’s requirements. In the final step, Urban Engineers, Inc. developed the as-built survey desired by the developer, meeting the necessary ALTA, and developing team’s requirements.